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The Big Rig

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地址: 2 Riggers Road, Roma, Queensland 4455, Australia
电话号码: +61 7 4622 2325
8:30 - 17:00
周一 - 周日 8:30 - 17:00
建议游览时间: 1-2小时

THE NIGHT SHOW An educational and entertaining way to spend the best part...

THE NIGHT SHOW An educational and entertaining way to spend the best part of 35 minutes, during which you will get to understand the events of the first 60 years or so of the 20th Century, which justify Roma's claim to being the Cradle of Australia's Oil and Gas Industry. The visitor is accommodated on open-air bench seating, plus some chairs, and is presented with an open-air set, depicting a rather basic tent camp typical of oil drilling during the 1920's. The set comprises of three tents, two small drilling rigs and the type of "junk" normally seen around a rig of that era. A large projection screen is raised behind the set, and one of the tents serves as a second screen. Commentary is heard throughout the Show, backed up by images on the two screens. Unexpected lighting effects occur during the Show, in appropriate passages of the commentary. Visitors are encouraged to take photographs if they desire. All in all, the viewer departs with a fair understanding of oil drilling activities in the Roma area, particularly during the Oil Boom Era of the late 1920's. Returning patrons will realize that the Night Show was THE OIL PATCH Oil Patch is an outside display of oil and gas exploration and product equipment, explained by suitable signs and audio panels. these facilities allow the Oil patch to be a self-guided experience. The old patch is well landscaped with vegetation suited to Roma's rather dry climate. It has proved to be an oasis to many birds, having come in from the bush during recent extended drought. A theatre with the Oil Patch shows a video about how the old and gas has recently changed Roma. Also explains the extraction of natural gas and coal seem gas. The visitor will probably need over an hour to meander through the oil patch. if you need to come back into the cafe for a break before completing the circuit, please do so. The big features of the oil patch are the 1929 vintage steam powered Emsco drilling rig and a somewhat more modern early 1950's diesel powered National T32 rig. The T32 was very well known locally, and served to train a generation of roughnecks. The Emsco was brought to Roma by the Roma Oil Company, drilled four holes, and was abandoned on its last site in 1941. While, for safety reasons, climbing on the exhibits is generally not permitted, steps and safety rails have been built onto the floor of the Emsco rig to allow the visitor to appreciate the sixe of the equipment. By viewing the Oil patch, the visitor leaves with a reasonable understanding of the history and technology in use during the 20th Century, as regards oil search in the Roma District.



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4 分,共 5 分2016-9-30的点评
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94条来自 TripAdvisor 社区的点评

5 分,共 5 分 1周前点评 通过移动设备发表

We visited here as my husband is a rig worker and he thought it would be interesting for me. He was right. Well presented and easy to understand presentations plus ex working rigs etc. The restaurant and gift shop are excellent too.

2 分,共 5 分 2016-10-25的点评 通过移动设备发表

Was interested to read other reviews and the amount of bad comments about the not so good customer service. I thought surely not but it is correct there is no customer service and for a centre that clearly does not get a lot of patronage one would think they would work on having exceptional customer service... not so Walk away... 更多 

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Poppy1166, Thanks for your review and we will look into your concerns. Regards, Sam 更多 

3 分,共 5 分 2016-10-11的点评 通过移动设备发表

We visited the centre late in the day and were the only visitors going through at that time. This was fortunate as there are a lot of interactive displays and we were able to go at our own pace. It is very informative about the history of oil and gas exploration in the Roma region. Staff are very friendly and... 更多 

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi RockyLass, Thanks for your review of the big rig. I hope you enjoyed your stay in Roma. Kind Regards,... 更多 

2 分,共 5 分 2016-10-1的点评

Recently stopped by the Big Rig but was let down immediately upon arrival. Apparently the display closes at 4 PM daily despite it still being full sunlight for at least another hour & a half & there being a "night show" running after that. The fact that its limited opening hours are not well advertised seems to be just to... 更多 

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi WayneP290, I would like to thanks you for making such a detailed review of the big rig. Unfortunately we... 更多 

4 分,共 5 分 2016-9-30的点评

Very interesting display on the history of oil in the Roma region. You will have to allow a good hour to read all the displays. Well set out. Staff very helpful.

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Frank C, Thanks very much for your review. I hope you enjoyed your trip to Roma. Kind Regards, Sam 更多 

3 分,共 5 分 2016-9-2的点评

We viewed The Big Rig night show and the self-guided Big Rig day tour. Both were very interesting, but of course, repeated similar information. The day tour has more detail. If you are seeing both, make sure you buy a combo-ticket to save a few dollars. For what The Big Rig is, the price may seem a little steep to... 更多 

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Newbrownshoe, Thank you for taking the time to do such a detailed assessment of the big rig's oil patch... 更多 

4 分,共 5 分 2016-8-23的点评 通过移动设备发表

We enjoyed this stop. It was packed full of knowledge. There were information boards, videos, real machinery and gear and murals. It was great. However there is a lot of information to take in and some of it somewhat complex if you aren't into science. Luckily we worked in the industry and found it fabulous. Note that for adults it... 更多 

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Vanessa L, Thanks for your review. I'm glad you enjoyed it. As for pricing we are restricted to what... 更多 

5 分,共 5 分 2016-8-18的点评

This complex was very educational and set out well, where you can take your time to read and and follow the history of the rigs in the area. The night show setting was interesting and comfortable.Value for money.

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Good afternoon Glenys H, I would like to firstly thank you for taking the time to review you visit to... 更多 

4 分,共 5 分 2016-8-9的点评 通过移动设备发表

Thanks for the interesting displays. A well laid out and very informative history of the oil and gas industry. What a tremendous boost for the town and areas about. The staff are very friendly and informative. Well worth a visit when visiting Roma.

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Dianne G, Thanks for taking the time to review us. Always good to hear that you enjoyed the oil... 更多 

4 分,共 5 分 2016-8-5的点评

A great walk around tour of gas and oil exploration in Roma.The trials and the triumphs as well as the history. Such discoveries of these natural assets produced over millions of years once more make you realise how much we are a speck of dust in time. Truly fascinating

Sam C,The Big Rig 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评

Hi Jennibmelbourne, Thanks for taking the time to review us. We are extremely glad you liked the big rig. Kind... 更多 

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